Young 24 year old artist born in Madrid, who has been djing across Spain and Italy sharing lineup with the biggest artists such as Tiger Stripes, Stephan Bodzin within many others. In her sets she combines three different cultures. Blending african, arabic and latin vocals with ethnic percussions and earthy sound vibes. She creates an energetic atmosphere, you will always see a dancing driven dance-floor.
Producing her own music influenced by her long trips to Latin America, Asia and Africa. She has obtained tribal with ethnic vocals and percussions. Making her creative potential endless.


Rayco Tarrida is a young Dj from Madrid. He plays under two alias, Death By Funk when its funk-groovy disco and house music and as SOL3M for his dark, evolving Detroit techno.

He has played mainly in Madrid, however he has also played in other areas of Spain such as Valencia and in Moscow, were he refined his SOL3M alias, seeking for a pure techno sound. Throughout the years he has shared stage with artists such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Amine Edge & Dance and Hector Llamazares.

For the past years, Rayco has been cooking new music for both alias and will soon release two presentation EPs, one for each alias.


Ines Isla, 18-year-old DJ who within just a few years of beginning djing has already step up performing in some of the most iconic techno clubs in Madrid next to renowned DJs such as Anfysa Letyago, Stacey Pullen or Viviana Casanova. This young promise born and based in Madrid stands out for her vibrant sets where she constantly maintains the crowd vitally bouncing to the hard-hitting beats she never gets tired of playing. While mixing both acid sounds accompanied by a dark bass, Ines’ energy and passion have her tirelessly blasting tracks creating an instant connection with her excited audience.